Things to keep in mind when choosing a training provider

Things to keep in mind when choosing a training provider

1. Find a reputable partner
When you’re evaluating training providers, take the time to investigate their reputation in the market. Ask each provider you are considering for some reference sites, and be sure to contact them to find out about their experiences. This will take five minutes of your time, but may save you thousands in training costs.


2. Choose a specialist
Find out which trainers will be responsible for delivering the training on the courses you are considering, and evaluate their expertise and qualifications in the subject matter. Someone with a strong, proven theoretical grounding is good; a trainer with practical experience in the field is even better because he or she will be able to talk about real-life situations.

3. Fulfil specific training needs
Training is expensive, so be sure you know what outcome you expect from your investment in a course or workshop for an employee. Look closely at the course overview and determine beforehand if it will fulfil your need.

If you are choosing training on behalf of your employee, discuss the expected outcome with him or her. Ask the provider for a detailed course outline and discuss how each topic on the list will cover the employee’s training need with him or her before the course commences.

4. Look at the take home value
It’s not enough for the training course to deliver practical skills and knowledge that the employee can apply as soon as he or she returns to the office – it must also offer value in the materials the employee gets to take away from the sessions.

Researchers reckon that you remember less than 20% of what you learn during a training intervention. For that reason, a course’s value is vastly increased when the employee leaves with reference manuals, online support, and other such tools and materials.

5. Assessing the learner
The topic of assessments can be controversial. Some people believe they unsettle the learner, while others believe that they’re essential to the learning process. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, choose a provider that aligns with your needs.

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