Facilitator Course Introduction

Effective  Facilitator Course skills are a highly desirable attribute for individuals who wish to manage meetings and planning sessions in South Africa for more timely and productive outcomes. Facilitator Course is more than just setting a meeting time. It requires skills in presentation, negotiation, elaboration and communicating with stake holders.

TrainYouCan trainers are all professional facilitators who have the expertise to design and lead effective meetings, team and organisational processes.

Successful meetings harness the wisdom and experience of everyone present to reach outcomes they couldn’t have achieved individually.  We work with you to determine what needs to be achieved and then manage the group process so that everyone does their best thinking.

We can add value to:

Conference facilitation and presentations
Strategic planning
Forums and events
Team development sessions

There has been a growing realization that we have to pay attention to the Facilitator Course process elements of meetings if we want them to be effective. With its focus on asking rather than telling, and listening to build consensus, facilitation is the new leadership ideal, the core competency everybody needs. Managers and supervisors are often asked to Facilitator Course rather than instruct or manage their meetings and training sessions.

How can you facilitate, rather than control, group decision-making and team interaction? With no formal training, people may find it difficult to make the transition from instructors or managers to facilitators.

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