External training providers and courses

External training providers and courses

If your staff need formal training (e.g. for work that requires a licence or certificate), but you don’t have the time or resources to offer the training yourself, you may consider using an external training provider.

External training should be run through a registered training organisation. Training is typically at the organisation’s premises in a classroom setting. You can also hire external training providers to conduct in-house training at your business, or offer your staff online training through an external organisation.

External training includes:

‘open’ programs, where one or more of your staff attend training that has been advertised
‘closed’ programs, where you commission training to be delivered specifically for your staff.

‘Closed’ programs can be customised to your specific needs and workflow, but usually require a minimum number of participants.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

RPL is a way to recognise staff skills and knowledge, regardless of whether they were attained through formal or on-the-job training. RPL can be used to achieve official qualifications. It benefits staff by improving their qualifications and boosting morale. It can also benefit your business by helping to keep good staff and improving your reputation by having a more qualified workforce.

Find out more about how recognition of prior learning may benefit you and your staff.

Staff development

External training offers opportunities for staff development. By developing your staff you can promote internally, which can also help you avoid a potentially expensive recruitment process.

Performance reviews provide an ideal opportunity to talk to your staff to find out what kind of training they are interested in or need to develop their career. They may be interested in developing skills in a new area, which can benefit your business by broadening your skills base. If you have staff who are ready to take on more responsibility, you may consider enrolling them in a leadership course.

You may also consider offering training and staff development through university degree programs. While this can be expensive, it can be an investment in good staff members who might otherwise look for a new job.

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