eLearning Copyright

I have read the TRAINYOUCAN (PTY) LTD eLearning copyright notice and understand the legal implication for any person who signed up under fake/false intentions such as:

  1. Copy, duplicate or reproduce learning content on this portal, may that be in the form of images, online learning content or document downloads, other than for the purpose of the course purpose or the direct related job/task function.
  2. Spying/Investigating/Interference on our eLearning and delivery methodologies that might also include software, scrip, plugin or subscription services other for the direct purpose of TRAINYOUCAN (PTY) LTD.
  3. Use of any online tools that may include the Forum, Chat or any other means of communication or database to access people/individual/helpdesk/assessors/moderators private information or communication for direct marketing or spamming, that also include inappropriate communication and the use of language.
  4. Signing up and completion on the pretension of another person’s identify.