Complaints Procedures

TRAINYOUCAN (PTY) LTD aims to represent itself in a professional training provider in its dealings with staff and learners but recognises that occasionally things can go wrong.

In many cases problems or misunderstandings can be dealt with by discussion between the parties. If not resolved, the issue should be referred to by the relevant quality authority for further investigation.

These notes are intended as a guide on the way that complaints should be generally pursued, and are intended to help resolve problems in an effective way. Those making a complaint can expect their complaint to be dealt with promptly and fairly and in accordance with the appropriate procedure.

TRAINYOUCAN (PTY) LTD is committed to working in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respects all members of our community.

Some complaints will require a full investigation to be carried out and other complaints can be successfully dealt with by an explanation of why something has happened and/or an apology. In whichever case, we will seek to give a satisfactory response to any concerns raised.

What is a complaint?

A complaint may be defined as “an expression of dissatisfaction or concern that needs a response”. The expression of dissatisfaction or concern may take the form of an written complaint.

Making a complaint about a diversity matter
Should you wish to make a complaint relating to an equality and diversity matter your complaint should be addressed to the relevant SETA or Quality Assurance Boday who will either deal with it or forward the complaint to the relevant department. You will be contacted within five working days with an acknowledgement of you complaint and confirmation of who is dealing with it.

When making a complaint please outline:

  • The details of complaint
  • Consequences for you as a result
  • Remedy you are seeking

How to make a complaint

Please send your complaint via email to: complaints